Euroshelf Systems are ideal for

  • Health Care
  • Retail and Display
  • Storage
  • Catering
  • Refrigeration
  • Offices
  • High hygiene areas
  • Manufacturing

  • Our Product range consists of:


    Foodserve and Hospitality
    Static or mobile units can be easily assembled from a range of shelves, posts and accessories - allowing unlimited scope for customising. The post has grooves along the entire length at 25mm intervals. These grooves act as the anchor points that secure the tapered split cone at the required position. Once in place the compatible tapered opening on the shelf corner is locked from moving further. Readjusting is simple and spacing and height options are unlimited. Assembly is fast and secure without the use of fasteners and tools. Instatic or mobile form the versatility of the euroshelf system is further enhanced by a choice of material grades, coatings and colours designed to meet the needs of any environment or work situation. For customized display units to suit your own requirements and to ask about our unlimited options please contact us.

    Cantiler Shelves
    To fit all standard sizes
    Wall mounted Brackets
    Wall mounted brackets to fit all standard sizes. Also available in Deep Shelves
    Solid Stainless Steel
    Sheet metal shelves are available in epoxy or galvanised mild steel, and grade 304 stainless
    The flat surface is suitable for unstable or small loads and contamination through leaking is
    Cleaning is easy
    Utility Cart
    Available in a choice of sizes and finnishes.
    Wire Shelving
    Wire shelves are available in a choice of sizes and a wide spectrum of coatings. Euroshelf is
    always in style and always attractive.

    • Zinc plating
      The ideal finish for most dry environment uses.
    • Epoxy coating
      Choose from a range of electrostatically applied epoxy coated colours. Perfect for when colour is of importance.
    • Euroseal Coating
      Ideal for high moisture conditions. The material is electro-zinc plated, passivated and then coated in electrostatically applied polyester.
    • Electro-polished 304 stainless steel
      The ultimate all-purpose material that can be used in all installations.

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